Bloggers are invited to apply for K. Dun Gifford Journalism Award CELEBRATING THE MEDITERRANEAN DIET المدونين مدعوين للتقديم على جائزة للصحافة عن النظام الغذائي والحمية

الموعد النهائي للتقديم:

تنظم منظمة Oldways الغير ربحية جائزة جيفورد دان الصحفية، وهي مسابقة أنشأت للتأكيد على أهمية دور وسائل الإعلام في تعزيز الخيارات الصحية في تناول الطعام.
المسابقة مفتوحة للأعمال الأصلية التي نشرت في الفترة بين 1 كانون الثاني/يناير 2010 - 30 أيلول/سبتمبر 2011. وعلى المواد المرسلة أن تغطي موضوع هذا العام: النظام الغذائي الشرق أوسطي. سيحصل فائز واحد على رحلة مجانية لمدة أسبوع للتعرف على المنطقة بشكل مباشر.
تقوم منظمة "Oldways" بتغييرموضوع المسابقة سنوياً، مع مواضيع مستقبلية تشمل الطعام اللاتيني، والنظام الغذائي الآسيوي والحبوب الكاملة, ويذكر ان المأكولات العراقية والنظام الغذائي في العراق مميز جداً في العالم والشرق الأوسط خصوصاً ودائماً ما توزع أغذية تالفة ومنتهية الصلاحية في الحصة التموينية وشاهدنا هنا الإقبال الكبير على شوربة العدس العراقية في الدول الغربية بعد ان كتبت طريقة صنعها إحدى المدونات العراقيات هُنا.

Back in 1990, food enthusiast and advocate K. Dun Gifford started a nonprofit educational organization called Oldways to change the way people eat. He believed that positive and practical solutions, grounded in science, traditions and delicious foods and drinks, would help address the threatening tsunami of chronic diseases.
Gifford invited others intrigued by his vision – scientists, chefs, restaurateurs, cookbook authors, and journalists -- to join him at the Oldways Table to address this important challenge. By documenting and educating others about the healthy “old ways,” Oldways and its partners have made strides toward changing the way people eat.
As a tribute to our founder and visionary who died in May 2010, Oldways announces the K. Dun Gifford Journalism Award, an annual prize to recognize and honor the important role of communications in changing the way people eat.

While journalism has changed in the past two decades with media consolidations, entry into the digital age, the advent of blogs and more, its influence on educating people everywhere about the importance of seeking out the joys and pleasures of good food and drinks is stronger than ever.

The Grand Prize Winner of the Award, selected by a jury including journalists Mimi Sheraton, Judith Weinraub and David Rosengarten, plus Dun’s daughter, Apple Gifford, and Oldways president Sara Baer-Sinnott, will receive a weeklong, all expense paid trip to a region of the world selected by Oldways and reflected in each year’s rotating subject focus.

The 2011 winner will visit the beautiful Mediterranean Region where he or she is free to explore the culture, food, and atmosphere of the location freely, with no expectations or assignments.


Who is Eligible / How to Enter
The competition is open to all reporters (print, online & broadcast), freelancers and bloggers.
Each journalist may submit one (1) piece reflecting the designated subject (i.e., Mediterranean Diet in 2011). To be eligible for consideration, pieces must meet these criteria:
Must be well-written / well-produced.
Must have been published or aired during the period from January 1, 2010 through September 30, 2011.
Must be related to this year's selected subject matter. The inaugural 2011 K. Dun Gifford Journalism Award will celebrate the Mediterranean Diet. Each year our subject matter will rotate to cover a topic we feel passionately about: Mediterranean Diet, Asian Diet, Latino Foods, Whole Grains, Pasta, Cheese, etc.
Must reflect one or more of Oldways' founding principles: to be positive, practical, science-based, and tradition-based.
Must celebrate the pleasures of the table.
Entries shall be labeled with name of article/segment, journalist’s name, affiliation, phone, email address, and street address. Broadcast entires should be submitted via CD or email
Send entries by mail or email to:
mail: K. Dun Gifford Journalism Award, c/o Oldways, 266 Beacon St, Boston, MA 02116
All entries must be postmarked or emailed by October 1, 2011.

Judging and Prizes
Winner will be announced in December 2011.
A judging jury including Mimi Sheraton, Judith Weinraub, Apple Gifford, David Rosengarten and Sara Baer-Sinnott, President, Oldways, will select the winning entry based on criteria above. The judges’ decision is final.
The Prize is a fully paid, week trip to a location reflected in that year’s subject and designated at the sole discretion of Oldways. For our inaugural 2011 contest focused on the Mediterranean Diet, the winner will receive a trip (including coach airfare, accommodations, local transportation and a daily stipend to cover meals) to the Mediterranean region.

Other Important Rules
By submitting an entry, entrants affirm that they are the rightful author/creator of their piece and that they have not borrowed, stolen or otherwise used copyrighted or intellectual property from another.
There is no transfer of prize.
Prize must be redeemed within a one-year period, starting upon award notification. Flight and accommodations to be arranged through Oldways. Blackout dates may apply as designated by our partner airline/hotel.
Prize is taxable to the recipient, and the recipient is responsible for all taxes. Winner must provide his or her tax identification number to Oldways. Oldways will be issuing a Form 1099-MISC.
These are the complete and official rules of the 2011 K. Dun Gifford Journalism Prize.


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