INSM attend meeting about International Partnership on media development in Iraq by IMS

IMS , Iraq
International cooperation, also known as the International Partnerships Process, is a key IMS approach to media development and a priority in its programme for media development in Iraq. As IMS discovered, this is also a priority for other international actors. The first international partnerships in media development took place in in 2003 and since 2011 international actors working on media in Iraq and Kurdistan have come together on a regular basis to discuss and share news of their media development projects in the country
Following the first partnership meeting in Iraq in April, the latest meeting took place on 26 and 27 September 2012 in the Kurdish city of Erbil in Northern Iraq, where international actors came together to update one another and share ideas for cooperation

The International Partnership on media development in Iraq began by defining what a partnership is: a process of collaboration and cooperation amongst national, regional and/or international organisations engaged in media support and press freedom advocacy activities, seeking to increase the impact of their activities and avoid duplication in a specific country or given theme

Here are some of the steps taken, considerations and questions asked, key findings and lessons learnt from international partnerships in Iraq and Kurdistan

Attending the meeting were representatives from international partner organisations such as the Newspaper Publishers Association (UK), Institute for War and Peace Reporting, Free Press Unlimited, UNESCO, Internews, Media in Cooperation and Transition, as well as national Iraqi partners such as Democracy and Human Rights Development Centre, Kurdish Institute for Elections, the Iraqi Network for Social Media, the Independent Media Centre Kurdistan, and the newspaper

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