The Various Types Of Social Media Online Destinations and iraqi bloggers as example

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The sorts and types of social media sites are focused on creating venues for users around the world to connect with each other to fulfill various purposes. What makes social media sites special is that they are premised on subscribers or “users” producing content for the sites. Thus, social media sites all have particular limitations on what users can do and place certain types of content restrictions, but the sites themselves would be nothing without user interactivity. This is distinct from a more standard type of website, which can serve it’s purpose merely be existing and providing a type of content without a degree of interactivity. There are various types of social media sites that have developed over time
1) Blogs are one way in which people interact with each other. In the past, individuals may have kept diaries, but hoped they could share their thoughts with others and receive feedback, but that was largely imposed since the network did not exist to share ideas. This allows a lot of factually incorrect content to make it onto the internet, but it has also heralded a major revolution in the media by increasing the scope of information type in global news. For example, during the U. S. War in Iraq, iraqi bloggers were posting their experiences with the U. S. Military on the internet. Some blogs have even been used in court cases as evidence.
2) Video multimedia sites are another example.
3) Romantic relationships are also built over the internet.
4) Some sites link professionals up with each other, allowing them to show their resumes and create contacts needed for career advancement.
5) Web “forums” are another form of social media (albeit basic) that allow users from different areas to connect with one another and discuss a topic of mutual interest. 
6) Some websites capture the essence of individual personalities and focus on showcasing these personalities by allowing significant amounts of user customization in their profiles (e.g., Myspace or Facebook).
These blogs are essentiallydiaries that are posted online for others to look at. Iraqi blogs discuss the activities andperceived shortcomings of US forces.

 As the mainstream media cut back on man jewelry international coverage, blogs take up the slack. An Army of Davids describes how an Iraqi blogger reported war crimes that Professor Reynolds subsequently wrote about, alerting an American military blogger in Iraq, who then reported the crimes to authorities, leading to a soldier’s court-martial.


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