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The Kurdish Policy Foundation (KPF): The changing face of political communication

July 14, 2014 byRuwayda Mustafah Rabar
Kurdish society is going through a transitory phase politically and economically. People are more likely to share their political affiliation online than ever before. This is due to easy access to the internet. The newly founded social networking websites provide people with a platform to share information, engage, discuss and investigate. The traditional ways of political communication that often limited people’s engagement with different political parties throughout the world is gradually being replaced by new forms of political communication that take place online. Consequently, world leaders are eager to engage with people using social networking sites because they have understood that the future of political communication will not be solely premised on traditional forms of political communication.

المبادرة ليلى الشيخلي تتحدث عن مشروعها CrowdSOS في العراق عبر برنامج "آي تك" على الحرة iTech Show: CrowdSOS app to help Iraq & high-risk countries

نظرة على الاستراتيجية الوطنية للحوكمة الالكترونية العراقية ومراحل عملها

نبدأ بسؤال: ما هي مرحلة الحوكمة الالكترونية في العراق؟
الجواب من خلال هذه الصورة:

Call for Participants: write a blog post and win a fellowship Opportunity from IGMENA to represent Arab civil society at the (IGF) in Istanbul, Turkey 2-5 September 2014

فرصة لللحصول على زمالة من منظمة هيفوس للمشاركة في المنتدى العالمي لحوكمة الإنترنت - الاجتماع السنوي التاسع، والمقرر انعقاده في إسطنبول – تركيا في الفترة 2-5 سبتمبر 2014

Selected fellows will represent Arab civil society at the United Nations Internet Governance Forum (IGF) in Istanbul, Turkey 2-5 September 2014

Hivos conducts a chat with Karl Kathuria, VP Commercial Management at Psiphon, Inc. bout how his company is helping make the Internet accessible in Iraq despite blocking by the government.

Hivos.org Interview with Karl Kathuria

Q&A: Open Source Psiphon Helps Iraqi Netizens Access the Internet Since mid-June, citizens in Iraq have been experiencing varying degrees of blocked access to the Internet. The Iraqi Government’s decision to block parts of the Internet is a violation of Article 19 in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights which states, "Everyone has the right to … seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers."
One of the tools that is being utilised by some Internet users in Iraq is Psiphon. Hivos had the opportunity to chat with Karl Kathuria, VP Commericial Management at Psiphon, Inc., about how his company is helping make the Internet accessible in Iraq despite blocking by the government.

الاتصالات: إعادة حجب بعض تطبيقات الانترنت كالفيس بوك وتويتر ويوتيوب وليس جميعها - والمتقاعدون اكثر المتضررين

"فتح الحجب الاسبوع الماضي عن هذه المواقع كان لغرض معرفة الرأي العام ورصد الاوضاع على الساحة العراقية ولغاية لدى الاجهزة الامنية لكشف بعض المواقع التي تبث هذه الشائعات وبالفعل تم كشفها."
وزارة الاتصالات / دائرة العلاقات الخارجية والاعلام

Spamfighter: Cyber Playing a Role in Civil War in Iraq

Theregister.co.uk reported on 1st July, 2014 stating an observation by a researcher that civil war in Iraq has spilled on the Internet which has spotted a huge increase in tools of cyber-espionage and other types of malware.
Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS) gang members have used social media extensively to spread propaganda easily as a complement to their own advances towards northern Iraq, leading to limits on social media (now relaxed...partially) and blocks on various sites by ISPs in Iraq.

Caabu and MBI Al Jaber Foundation event on social media in the Arab world

Brian Whitaker, Mai Noman, Fanar Haddad and Nesrine Malik speak at joint Caabu and MBI Al Jaber Foundation event on social media in the Arab world Posted by Caabu on 08 Jul 2014 On 2nd July, Caabu and the MBI Al Jaber Foundation hosted a panel discussion on the role of social media as a catalyst for social and political change in the Arab world: Social media in the Arab world: Whose friend, whose foe? The panellists included former Middle East Editor of the Guardian Brian Whitaker; Mai Noman, Interactivity Producer from BBC Arabic, Fanar Haddad, Research Fellow at the Middle East Institute, National University of Singapore and journalist and comment writer, Nesrine Malik. The event was chaired by Liberal Democrat MP Stephen Williams.

Mashable: Isis App Has Nothing to Do With That Iraq Terror Group

BY KARISSA BELL Most startups will agree that there's no such thing as bad publicity when it comes to your app. But what do you do when your app happens to share a name with a violent terror group that's on a rampage in Iraq and threatening the entire Middle East?
That's the problem facing Isis, a mobile payments company whose digital wallet app happens to share a name with the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant, which is shortened to either ISIS or ISIL. The company's CEO announced Monday that the app would be undergoing a rebrand, in order to ensure they would not be associated with the terror group.

العراق اغلى اسعار خدمة الانترنت عالي السرعة (ADSL) في الوطن العربي

صدر تقرير جديد عن شركة المرشدون العرب Arab Advisors Group يوفر تحليلا لأسعار خدمة الإنترنت عالي السرعة ADSL في تسع عشرة دولة عربية، وتبين من خلالها أن السعر الأعلى كان في العراق في حين أن السعر الأدني كان في تونس. أما اذا تمت مقارنة الأسعار من حيث مستوى دخل الفرد في كل بلد فإن اسعار الخدمة في دول الخليج الاكثر معقولية نسبة لمستوى الدخل. وقد اجريت هذه الدراسة على الأسعار في شهر آذار  2014.

IraqNews: Social media re-blocked in several areas of Iraq

Baghdad (IraqiNews.com) Iraq’s Ministry of Information re-blocked social media sites in many areas of Iraq after having reopened the sites a few days. These websites had been blocked since June 14 just as Iraq’s security situation sharply deteriorated.

رفع الحظر عن الانترنت في جنوب العراق واجزاء من بغداد دون بيان رسمي

العراق يرفع الحظر عن وسائل التواصل الاجتماعي واستمرار حجب بعض المواقع

(رويترز) - ذكرت مصادر في قطاع الاتصالات يوم الثلاثاء أن العراق رفع حظرا استمر 17 يوما على وسائل التواصل الاجتماعي لإعاقة اتصالات المتشددين المسلحين الذين سيطروا على اجزاء كثيرة من غرب البلاد وشمالها رغم ان الحجب ما زال مستمرا لنحو 20 موقعا اخباريا.