Do you want to create your Android app for FREE? Re:Coded fellows will create an MVP application for you!

Re:Coded seeking to link their students with companies who need to create an Android app.
It is a win-win opportunity: they gain real client experience and you have an app developed for free!
A team of 4-5 students will work on the app for 8 weeks and create a prototype. By the end of the 8 weeks, they'll present the prototype to you.

If you're interested, please apply via this form:

Re:Coded Fellows will build your Android app!
Re:Coded has launched its Android Basics Coding Bootcamp in Iraq and Turkey. Our students consist of IDPs, Syrian refugees and Kurdish youth who are on a journey to become full-fledged Android developers...and this is where you come in. We want you to submit your app idea and our fellows will create a prototype for FREE. The timeline of working on your project spans from the end of November 2017 till the end of January 2018. Our fellows are undergoing 5 months of coding and soft skills training and your project is a chance for them to apply their skills.
In order to be selected, please read the requirements below. If your Android app project is chosen, a team of 4-5 students will work on it for 8 weeks and create a minimum viable product/prototype. By the end of the 8 weeks, they'll present the prototype to you.
In order for your project to be selected, it needs to meet the following criteria: - You must provide a clear and comprehensive brief of the project that is realistic to the timeline
- Understand that the end result is a prototype and the brief cannot be too complicated or go beyond the skills of the students
- Be available for calls and questions throughout the 8 week period
- Provide Re:Coded with detailed feedback of the team and the work carried out according to the requirements
- Be patient and understanding of certain students and their vulnerability
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Will you be available for on-going communication with the team during the 8 week period between November 2017 and January 2018? 
Is there a possibility of paid work after the prototype has been created? 
Project description 
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