ONLY IN IRAQ: Internet service shut-down country-wide during final national Exams!

By Farook Al-Jibouri (Founder & Executive Director at Cyber Code Technologies)

This is not a joke, its a reality Iraq suffering from for years, whereby some super minds in the government decided to shut-off Internet completely across the whole country throughout final exams of K12 Students to STOP CHEATING !!!!

Are you serious!?

Yes, they are serious and consider this the smartest solution they've ever think about...

Akamai reported in their The Second Quarter, 2016 State of the Internet Report highlights regular outages that occurred in Iraq across a total of 10 days in May and June 2016. Nearly all of the country's international Internet connectivity was severed for two to four hours during each of those days, reportedly to prevent cheating on national middle and high school exams. Interestingly, this is not the first time such measures have been taken - the Iraqi government has imposed similar outages in the past to prevent cheating on national exams.

Actually this always make me speechless ... but I decided to write an article to bring government attention about the possibilities and solutions available, hundreds of ways to stop cheating (if they really want to!) using Internet not by shutting it off.

I can suggest you a few:

1- Of-course -- CCTV is some basic old stuff we can start with, and this can centrally managed and monitored.
2- Secure File Delivery of exam sheets to exam centers through special secure platforms
3- Online detection of unauthorized mobile devices inside exam centers with that been connected to the CCTV system, this can actually identify the cheater.
4- Mobile Device Management and Access Control.
5- Online exam which can completely stop cheating possibilities also can generate results instantaneously!
6- and many many more..

The government seems to be still living nowhere from today, thus their only solutions is: Shut it off ... they can't imagine how much people and business as well as government is relying on Internet today and disconnection the service impact every person life and business. We cannot just decide by such impractical approach to disconnect the whole country without thorough assessment and research.


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