Formation of an Internet Society Chapter in Iraq

Your answers to the questions below will help us evaluating the interest for forming a Chapter of the Internet Society ( in Iraq.

*Your Name (needed to validate your membership in the Internet Society):
Global ISOC Membership is free, see

*Email Address:

*How many years have you been a member of the Internet Society?

*What would be your vision for a Chapter of the Internet Society in Iraq?

*How would you like to contribute to this Chapter?

What do you think should be the priorities of a Chapter in Iraq?

Who do you see as the main Internet stakeholders in Iraq that should be involved in the Chapter?

*Concerning the scope of a future Internet Society Chapter in Iraq, what do you think is more realistic given the local context?

Have you been active in any other Internet related fora?

*Can we share your details with other people interested in forming this Chapter?

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