Codemotion conference is coming to UAE, get involved in Codemotion Dubai 2016

What is Codemotion?
Codemotion is the ecosystem devoted to innovation, focused on developers and coding. Codemotion is the main tech conference for developers, open to all languages and technologies.

Codemotion confernece in Dubai: 
The biggest tech conference in Italy and one of the most important in Europe with a network of more than 30,000 developers, is coming to Dubai on the 1st and 2nd of April to tackle all topics related to Devops, cloud, Big Data, game development, security, web, IoT, hacking and others. Speakers include Rachel Reese, senior software engineer at, Danilo Poccia, technical evangelist at Amazon Web Services and Mohammad Abu Ajamieh, engineering manager at StarzPlay. The event will be held at Impact Hub in Downtown Dubai, UAE.

Why to come to Codemotion?
The purpose of this conference is to bring together developers who like to think outside the box and understand the intersections of technology and programming and also to give tech lovers a place to meet and learn as well.
Codemotion Dubai is open to all languages and technology. We want to unite all intrigued developers who like to conceive brand new ideas and comprehend the crossing points of innovation and programming.
The conference is intended to encourage guests to jump into new branches of knowledge and groups that they have not been in contact with yet!

Here are some of the talks taking place:
  • The rise of javascript robotics
  • The return of AI & Machine Learning, by Saad Kayyali, manager at GDG Dubai. 
  • PHP 7: Benefits and drawbacks, by Daniel Rabeiro, senior developer at Propertyfinder
  • Progressive Web Apps ( PWA ) by Shidhin C R, senior UI engineer at Namshi
  • Introducing Azure DevTest Lab, by Quique Martinez, development and cloud team lead at Plain Concepts

For more info:

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