Noof, the iraqi blogger to radio 3AW Melbourne: It's deteriorating fast

Radio 3AW Melbourne
by: Katie Hodge | 16 June, 2014


The United States has evacuated its embassy in Baghdad as fighting continues in parts of Iraq.

Islamic extremist group Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, or ISIL, is accused of brutally executing captured prisoners, after taking-over a number of cities in the country's north.

ISIL are on the march in Iraq and blogger and activist from Baghdad, Noof Assi, told Tom Elliott there is a strong possibility they will enter Baghdad soon.

“Yes (people are worried), because it is a bit shocking how fast (cities) have fallen under the hands of ISIL… people don’t have confidence…  ISIL are now controlling areas near Baghdad so the army is not controlling.”

Noof Assi says despite ISIL initially telling people to go about their daily lives, things changed rapidly.

“At the beginning they announced we won’t harm you… but after four days they handed out brochures saying women were not allowed to go out… there were some executions, there were even beatings of young people who were watching World Cup games.”

Listen: Blogger and activist from Baghdad, Noof Assi, tells Tom Elliott ISIL things are deteriorating rapidly


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