M.A. Thesis in Baghdad university about: Trends Iraqi blogs in sites blogger and Iraqi Network For Informatics

Trends Iraqi blogs In sites  blogger and Iraqi Network For Informatics
A thesis Submitted by
Aysir Shaker Khader Qasem Jurani

To the Council of College of Mass Communication  Baghdad University in partial fulfillment for the requirements of M.A. degree in Press 

Supervised by
Prof. Asst. Abdul Amir al-Faisal 

The accelerated development in the field of communication and media via internet lead to the appear of a new sect of communication applications which we lived by now which the role of the citizen not only as receiver of the communicational message, but also as a sender and receiver for it at the same time, where it opened its doors for all to write, participate, and express his/her ideas and opinions in full freedom and logos were one of these applications that represent general field that allow higher size of interactions among the users which are shown through what we see of viewing and committing on the public affairs that has social priority and occupied an important area in public discussions and that make them appropriate mean to study the different trends for the public outside the ordinary traditional media means.

The study aims in the light of this development in the area of communication and the electronic media to identify the general trends for Iraqi electronic logos in the two sites blogars and Iraqi not for information, and identifying its types, features, starting, functions and trends, and explore the features of the users and their relations in forming the trends, the researcher used the descriptive curriculum –analyzing the contents for studying the research society, and design a form to analysis the texts which contain categories for analyzing the subject and the other to analyze the form.
The study was divided into four  chapters, chapter one include, the curriculum frame of the study, chapter two was under the title the electronic media, primary comparison and it was subdivided into three inquiries: the first the electronic media "the concept, the features and the forms", the second include the electronic media in Iraq, as for the third contained the citizen press the concept and the application. The third chapter was entitled the electronic writings "concept, starting, functions and trends" and it was subdivided into three inquiries. the first: the electronic writings: the concept, kinds and features, the second : electronic writings starting and development, as for inquiry three the functions of the logos and their trends and chapter four: the analytical study which contain three inquiries, the first: describing the research society for the two sites blogars and Iraqi network of information the second showing the tables and analyzing the data of blogard site writings in quantity and by mean as for the third showing and analyzing the data of Iraq network information writings in quantity and by mean by exploring the results of both sites and discussing them in the light of study problem and its questions.

The thesis had reached to a number of results, the most important were: the cultural trend was the main trained to blogger site, and the political for the writings of the Iraqi network of information, and the Iraqi writings use the media more than the arts represented by the press article in the first place for both sites, and the elegant Arabic language was the most in use, and most writers used texts beside the pictures to reach the main thought and for both sites, but the writings of the Iraqi net were more modern than blogger and most Iraqi writings were individuals, and the ratio of males exceed the female, also most of blogger writers used nickname in their writings, while most of the Iraqi network of information used their real names, and Baghdad city was the most condense in writing "inside Iraq" for both sites and the occupation of the writers for both sites were journalist or media man.

And in the light of the results the study recommend: 
1- The necessity of caring to this important slice of society by establishing union or association for Iraqi writers as whole as the translate the Iraqi society picture 
2- The necessity of founding cooperation between the writers and other Iraqi media means, and make use of their experiences by publishing their works to encourage them to invent.
3- The necessity   for CSO to establish workshops for the writers, to expand their knowledge in the most modern ways in the field of electronic writings. 
4- Encouraging the writers by making competition among them and make prizes for the distinguished ones.


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