Story Maker training Erbil

Story Maker a special project that runs across various countries in the Middle East: The Wireless Reporting Application project, Story Maker.
The aim of Story Maker is to increase cooperation between civic reporters from the social media generation and the world of the traditional media. Story Maker is an application on a mobile phone, with this application people can make (news) stories and upload and spread them using a safe platform.

In a land as old as history itself, there are many stories to discover. The Storymaker team arrived in Erbil in Kurdistan in the North of Iraq, to work with 20 inspiring journalists and citizen journalists from around Iraq. Each armed with a new mobile device and the latest version of the app, the participants spent 5 days discussing journalistic standards and making stories around and about Erbil.

The region is not an easy one to work in, from slow Internet to rising regional tensions. Hoping to move beyond these concerns, the goal of the training was to create a hub of users that could produce stories and provide feedback on the newly released beta version of Storymaker. The participants were chosen by the Independant Media Centre of Kurdistan (IMCK), and included Arabic and Kurdish students and professional journalists. Rising Voices was on hand to provide story ideas and mentoring.

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