Social Innovation Camp to further the cause of human rights through the use of technology

EVENT: between 28th and 30th June 2013 HuriLab will bring together citizens, geeks, troublemakers, designers, organizers and connectors to further the cause of human rights through the use of technology.

HuriLab will produce six ventures, conceived, designed and prototyped by you!
The best three ventures – chosen by our panel of judges at the end of the event – will receive a grant from UNDP.

Who are we looking for?
Anyone living in Armenia, Belarus, Iraq, Moldova, Montenegro or Ukraine.

You don’t have to know how to code software to participate in HuriLab – we will introduce you to the people who can.  And you don’t have to enter an idea which is anything related to your day job.

All you have to have is a problem or challenge that you want to address… take a look at the “refine your idea” tab above.

If your idea is chosen by our panel of judges, we’ll bring you to the event for free!

Our panel of judges are drawn from the human rights and tech sector.  They’ll evaluate your ideas based on three criteria: your understanding of the social problem, the appropriateness of the suggested technology/tool, the likely sustainability of the project/venture.

Please submit your applications online by midnight on 20th May, 2013
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