Iraq War; David Sullivan publishes book 'Every Seed of the Pomegranate'

Poetry and War, like Beauty and the Beast, dance together as perfect partners in this collection of conversational poetry by David Allen Sullivan. Structuring every piece to give each voice a distinguished place on the page, the war in Iraq is experienced by the reader through a prism of rich dialog and depiction.  This collection of poetry gives us the opportunity to feel the raw sadness and boundless hope of the soldiers and civilians who fight together – and each other – for God and Country.


I have read of your
Persephone. She took six
pomegranate seeds

in her mouth, bit down
to release bright blood capsules
that stained lips and tongue

The one who kept her
laughed, for she would be his bride
half of every year

How to say? Sorrow
cuts us in two with sweetness
Half the world is dead

to the other half
Above us, mothers walk
beneath bare branches

Individually, each poem creates a vivid experience for the reader. As a collection, the emotional bond with all viewpoints becomes palpable. It is not a surprise that many veterans and their families have found a cathartic relief and healing in reading. Likewise, those who stand outside of the combat zone and political bargaining gain in-depth understanding of the greatest human costs of war


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