The first astronomical observatory and the Temple of the stars in history

Tell Khaiber, 20 km from the ancient city of Ur, in Dhi Qar province. On the ground, the low-lying mounds of Tell Khaiber hide their secrets well, but when viewed from above by satellite, large public buildings are revealed, showing the importance of the place in antiquity. From the pottery collected on the surface, we can say that people lived at Tell Khaiber for over two thousand years, from about 4,000 to 2000BC. This long period of prosperity was probably due to its location on the former westernmost branch of the Euphrates River.

Tell Khaiber was first documented by Professor Henry T. Wright of the University of Ann Arbor, Michigan, in 1965, who collected and dated surface finds from the south mound. The north mound was recorded and mapped by the Iraqi State Organization for Antiquities and Heritage in 1972.
New bridge to Khaiber
This photos taken on March, 2013 provided by Dr Jane Moon  @ Twitter and Manchester University professor Stuart Campbell shows excavation in progress at Tell Khaiber, Iraq. A British archaeologist says he and his colleagues have unearthed a huge, rare complex near the ancient city of Ur in southern Iraq, home of the biblical Abraham. Stuart Campbell of Manchester University's Archaeology Department says it goes back about 4,000 years, around the time Abraham would have lived there. It's believed to be an administrative center for Ur. Credit: Stuart Campbell ( —University of Manchester archaeologists have started the excavation of an enormous building complex in Iraq, thought to be around 4,000 years old.

The team, directed by Professor Stuart Campbell and Dr Jane Moon, both from Manchester, and independent archaeologist Robert Killick, first spotted the amazing structure – thought to be an administrative complex serving one of the world's earliest cities– on satellite.
Babylonian infant buried in a jar.  A personal tragedy of nearly 4 thousand years ago.
دفن طفل بابلي رضيع في جرة

جحر ثعلب وقد ذل من بالت عليه الثعالب
مع استهزاء  .. and more recent debris
يذكر ان الجيش الامريكي ضاقت عليه ارض العراق ليتخذ من زقورة اور مقراً له ولينشد نشيده الوطني كل صباح وهو مصطف على أدراجه. كما اتخذ الجيش البولندي من مدينة بابل الاثرية مقراً له. ومقالي السابق عن بابل هنا


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