Diwaniyah launches program to support e-government

Launched the province of Diwaniyah program to support e-government project, while warning of the failure of the project, if implemented without the eradication of illiteracy electronic deployed in government departments. Said director development of talent in the province victory Moussawi said in an interview, 

"The province launched a program to support infrastructure project e-government to be implemented in the province next year, "critical" calls for the implementation of e-government project in the state departments while most do not use a computer does not have the staff enough and intern for the performance of its business electronically. 

"said Moussawi that" the program began distributing questionnaires survey on circuits all To find out how to use the computer between staff and levels of users that were distributed between the developed and the Mediterranean and the novice and illiterate ", pointing out that" some circles dealing with this file insensibly do not react with forms survey positively. 

"and Izzat al-Moussawi reason" not to believe these circuits existence development projects real or importance of the use of computers in business development, "asserting that" section will begin during the next phase to prepare training programs detailed staff about the use of computers in the performance of public functions, in order to prepare infrastructure sober for e-government project. 

"and stressed Moussawi that" e-government project is failure if not grooming his ground full of infrastructure, which includes electronic networks and computers and systems Internet as well as staff who are fluent in the use of this technique. 

"was the Iraqi network of social media in the province of Diwaniyah announced, in (22 August 2012), for direct organizing the first questionnaire to see uses the electronic environment in Iraq, noting that the questionnaire includes in its first stage seven provinces, while confirming that the survey will provide information about computer users and websites in Iraq. 

experiencing Diwaniyah, 180 km south of Baghdad, just like any other Iraqi provinces widespread use Internet after 2003 from During Internet cafes that have spread quickly and in large numbers and offer service at low prices not exceeding thousand Iraqi dinars per hour allowing for Youth widely used for Internet, which seemed gradually shift for use across systems up domestic of the Internet, which saw great demand during the past two years.


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