QuranClub by group of bloggers from Kurdistan نادي القرآن مدونة جماعية من كردستان

QuranClub: is an effort to return to Islam's fundamentals: Islam's messages of non-judgmentalism and love, of tolerance and forgiveness, of patience and virtue. QuranClub is a return to the depths of Islam, an effort to extract from the Quran its message and its philosophies in the purest manner, free from all biases, old and modern, and radiant with the truth, strong logic, and empiricism that could only come from the creator of this universe.

Managing editor:
Ikram Hawramani (also known as Ikram Kurdi)
Rawa Muhsin, Sakina Al-Amin, Bin Muhammad, Ahlaam, The Soul of a Rose, Reihab, Sonnet, JDsg, Hijabee, Talan


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