My Nest in Kurdistan: by Sazan Mandalawi – blog in a book
The book, "My Nest in Kurdistan"* was published on May, 16, 2011. It is a collection of my columns that talks about the discovery of the Kurdish culture, traditions and identity after spending life in exile.

"My Nest in Kurdistan" is written in English and is 305 pages. It is now available in Ministry of Culture book shops in Kurdistan. The book is divided into six chapters: Incidents of My Life, Simple People, The City of my Dreams, Between Home and Exile, My First Vote, Words from the Nest. Each section speaks of encounters of a Kurdish girl with increasing love and admiration towards her homeland. 

For more information about My Nest in Kurdistan, see this article and this review
* (By the way, now that the book is published, it doesn't mean you stop following the blog!). 


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