First conference for Iraqi bloggers seeks tips المدّونون يتكلمون سّجل .. أرسل .. وسوف نستمع

إلى المدونين في العالم أجمع
المدّونين يتكلمون
سّجل .. أرسل .. وسوف نستمع

هي مبادرة ليكون صوت المدونين مسموع بأي لغة كانت .. لكل من يريد أن يرسل تحية ، نصيحة ، رسالة … إلى المدونين العراقيين في المؤتمر الأول لهم ، لمدة 30 – 60 ثانية ، سجلها وأرسل رابط التسجيل وسوف نستمع إلى رسالتك في المؤتمر
فريق عمل المؤتمر
To all Blogger in the World
Bloggers Talks
Record .. Send .. and we will listen

You can send your message in any Language , to 1st Conference for Iraqi Bloggers for 30 -60 Sec .. we will listen to you On the conference
The Team of Conference

The Iraqi Network for Social Media (I.N.S.M) is glad to invite you to record a message for 1st Conference for Iraqi bloggers. The Conference will be held from 8th -9th February in Sulimanyah - Iraq

The conference aims to enhance communication between Iraqi bloggers and to develop their skills in the field of legal protection and to avoid prosecution, as well as training workshops are included (the art of writing, technical workshops, networking). 

It represents a real opportunity to build networks of communication between bloggers at a national level and exchange knowledge, information and experiences, especially since the Digital activism began playing an important role in the movement of events in the world where blogging is one of the most important element of nutrition of the Arab Spring and the disclosure of facts inside communities.   

The conference is sponsored by International Media Support (I.M.S) and in collaboration with Alrubeiy Group for Stationery.

so please , can you record a message from you , because you're important bloggers and you have a good experience abut the field , so you can give us your advice , tips , speech , greeting ,  for Iraqi bloggers , we will show your interview in the conference

Video details below :
1 . simple words ( English , or Arabic ) languages that you preferred 
2 . 30 - 60 Sec , the time of video
3 . you can record the video in any place you want  ( street , work , home .. etc )
4 . Start ( your name , from where , work )
5 . and then speak 
6 . put a video on link on you tube or any videos tools you preferred.

in agenda , we put "a bloggers talks" from all the world, to Iraqi bloggers 
Your voice is important .. Because it will encourage us .. This is the first step to advancement of blogging in Iraq
Thanks in advance 
please send us a confirm, that you can do it, and we can help you!


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