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by Ricardo d Argence
Now that most people have the internet, the local news doesn’t do it for them. We would like to see local stories covered in more depth that local TV news can provide. 
Alternatively, perhaps you enjoy being aware of local events but you despise having to adhere to a time schedule. In order to get information about the new story you have to hear forty minutes of bad reviews that you have viewed previously.
We are fortunate to have online blogs so we can stay on top of all the most recent information. All of the TV stations that you watch have internet sites. News blogs are ideal for those interested in learning more about certain topics because posts are generally categorized by topic. Political pundits and voiced their opinions fiercly thanks to blogging on the internet. American politics are currently influenced by blogs and political opinion.
But blogs aren’t limited to just politics. You can even find bloggers commenting on recent news events. When the US was bombing Iraq bloggers of Iraqi citizens were very popular. This is where blogs really give the reader the real information from someone who is there at the scene.

It’s pretty obvious that traditional media like the news on TV is controlled by big business. Content is very filtered before it gets to you. I don’t know about you but I don’t like my news filtered by anyone.

Blog RSS feeds are available so you can stay current on posts and happenings. Also, Google Reader is a free and useful utility that will keep you up to date with your favorite blogs, organizing them all in one convenient location.
When you create a Google account, your favorite news fees can be shown on your home page when you customize it to your taste. This same service is offered by Yahoo. This is probably the most convenient way to get your favorites blogs. Viewers that provide a variety of options to show and filter what you have selected to view can be downloaded and installed on your computer. 
If you prefer you can receive your feed by email too. Most blogs offer this kind of service and you will get an update daily (or as often as the author updates it) on your inbox. This is too a good way to stay at the top of the news of the themes that most interest you. Personally this is my favorite way to receive updates, since I always check my email several times during the day.
If your favorite blog doesn’t offer some of this options, you can ask the author to include it. Most of them will be happy to give you this kind of service to their readers. 
Although most blog software nowadays have this options installed by default, so it is usually just a matter of activating them.
Blogs offer commercial free information, a must in our hurried society.


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