Ali Rawaf New Member at the Dart Society علي الرواف مدون سياسي عراقي يعيش في امريكا

Ali Rawaf is a political blogger from Baghdad, Iraq, who blogs at The Iraqi Future.
 علي الرواف من بغداد يعيش في امريكا ويدون عن السياسة في مدونته مستقبل العراق

In 2004, when he was 15, Ali began blogging with Friends of Democracy, an Iraqi group that promoted democracy and women’s rights. He endured the death of his uncle during the war, and Ali received threats on his own life due to his writings about politics, religion and life after the fall of Saddam Hussein.

After coming to the U.S. as a student, he wrote a monthly column for The Tucson Citizen about Iraq and the lives of Iraqi refugees in the U.S. He also has worked as an Arabic-English translator, lectured at Dartmouth, and participated in many panel discussions on the future of Iraq. It was through this work that Ali met Contact Press Images photographer and 2005 Ochberg Fellow Lori Grinker, who nominated him for induction into the Dart Society.

Ali received political asylum and is currently studying for a degree in government and Middle Eastern studies at the University of  Texas at Austin.

in this video of Ali talking about his experiences and work.


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