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Monday, October 24, 2011

Iraqi Blogger: America Must Compensate Iraq
Iraqi-American blogger, Raed Jarrar, in an interview today, said that besides ending America’s intervention in Iraq, the second solution to help Iraq move forward is to hold those responsible for mistakes and crimes accountable.  That includes having America compensate Iraqis for the destruction caused since the begining of the war.

Iraqi-American Blogger: DoD Will Leave, State Dept. Will Remain In Iraq
Iraqi-American blogger, Raed Jarrar, in an interview Monday, argued that America’s presence in Iraq is not over because while the U.S Department of Defense will be leaving Iraq, the U.S Department of State will be doubling its personnel.

Iraqi-American Blogger: Iraq's Military Success Must Come From Iraq, Not America
Iraqi-American blogger, Raed Jarrar, in an interview today, said that what Iraq needs is not America’s training but legitimacy; Iraq’s armed forces must learn to be loyal to Iraq not to some political party.  This legitimacy will come from within, not from America’s continued influence.

Iraqi-American-Blogger: The War In Is Not Over
By Lisa Kellmna
Despite President Obama’s assurance last week that all American troops will be out of Iraq by the end of the year, Iraqi-American blogger, Raed Jarrar, in an interview today, insisted while this will help Iraq move forward, America will continue to have an obtrusive presence .

Jarrad and those in Iraq believe the war will not end until military and non military American forces erase their footprint in Iraq completely.

By the end of 2011, The U.S. Department of Defense will remove the 40,000 troops still stationed in Iraq, shut all U.S. military bases and hand them over to the Iraqis, leaving only 160 service members in the Iraqi Embassy as part of the Office of Security Cooperation.  

The U.S. Department of State, on the other hand, plans on doubling its personnel from 8,000 to 16,000, half of whom will be armed, in order to train Iraqi soldiers and government members and provide basic aid.

However, training is not the issue argued Jarrar.

“Iraqis and neighboring countries view the Iraqi government and armed forces as puppets of a foreign occupation and legitimacy will not be brought to them by the U.S. presence,” Jarrar said.

Jarrar acknowledged Iraq’s broken military and political system, but emphasized America’s military presence has not nor will ever be part of the solution.

According to Jarrar, to help Iraqis, America needs to cease its military and non military intervention in Iraq.  Those in Iraq who have committed crimes and contributed to Iraq’s downfall need to be held responsible, and the U.S. needs to compensate Iraqis for the destruction it has caused since first arriving.

“The vast majority of solutions will come from within Iraq, by Iraqis, and for Iraqis, things that foreigners cannot and should not attempt to fix,” said Jarrar.


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