Mesocafé -A palace of emotions- A review from Fog el Nakhal by Touta iraqi blogger in London

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Touta wrote in her blog "Fog el Nakhal":
Through the sky to where the Palm Dates grow, Our Love and hope shall we sow, And although troubled times lie ahead, No more Tears, will we few shed.
Sunday, 2 October 2011
MesoCafe - A palace of emotions (A review)
typed by Touta
I'm going to halfheartedly admit it. I tried to stay away-but my efforts were in sheer desperation. The reason being, as soon as I read the description of the 'microbudget' film, my heart sank. It was a love story. 

I tried to console myself, by telling myself it would be on BBC Four or the like in the coming year, as part of their cultural films line up, but a nagging voice made me finally give in and buy the tickets.

The last thing Iraqis needed was a love story. But then again, I was enticed by the trailer, the blogger holds a dark and twisted secret, the cafe is a hub of activity, and of course, I was hoping for conspiracy galore when it came to the politics in the film.
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