Iraq, the first Arab states in the number of Arabic blogs that use English language

Blogs from Post to Tweet

Five years of progress in these times are equivalent to five centuries in the past. To expand this logic, the passing of five years since the birth of blogs suggests the evolution of a new generation of bloggers that starts at the point where its predecessors had ended. This generation uses blogs and social networks in a away that cannot be traced, and with a boldness that be curbed.
When you talk with a blogger, who is not more than 30, about the political mobility of 2005, he will give you that stunned gaze(though it was only five years ago) and will start scanning his memory for incidents that some believe to be close to the mind, while those of the present generation-who shared in spotlighting them- view as if occurred long ago, or as events that were followed with hundreds of incidents and events in which he participated.
The Second Ice Age
“Three16 weeks ago, I was disappointed as a result of the absence of blogs in Arabic.A year has passed since the beginning of my writing for blogs in English, I am a follower to the Iraqi blogs but all of them are in English.I feel sorry for myself, the status of the Arab nation and of the Arabic language. Why there is no Arabic blogs? Why all the Arabs choose to write in English? Then I said to myself “instead of cursing darkness, light even a fainted candle.” I decided to write in Arabic and a few days later I discovered wonderful several blogs in Arabic. My disappointment turned into hope within days I found myself dreaming great dreams. May I become Ihath* and a pioneer of blogs in the Arab world. ”
At the same time blogging has gained attention from other media, whether local or global. On the global level Iraqi Blogs emerged after the U.S. occupation of Iraq – such as the Code Khaled Jarrar22 blog and other Iraqi blogs ,attracted the attention of newspapers , Arab and International Press.This made Jihad al-Khazen journalist in Al-Hayat newspaper in London devoted a series of articles defined the blogs and what is written in it.In Egypt the reference of Mohamed Hassanein Heikal to “Baheyya23″Blog was a spot of light that made media interested in following-up blogss, and deal with it as a media competator.
Currently, the number of blogs become 600 thousand, according to the study conducted by the Arabic Network for Human Rights Information and was published in December 200930. According to the study, Egypt is ranked first in the number of Arabic blogs, followed by Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, then Arabic blogs that use English language, and vary between Iraqi blogs or of other Arab nationalities, followed by the Moroccan blogos that use French often. This clearly appears in the following figure, which provides a map for the distribution of the Arabic Blogging galaxy.

External Factors
All of the above is superseded by the attention of European and American NGOs to Arabic blogs.
This was evident by the conference organized by the OIC of America in cooperation with the Cato Institute / lamp of freedom in Cairo in 2006. Cato Institute tried to disseminate liberal ideas and has invited a number of bloggers including Mohammed119 from Iraq, Ruba120 from Jordan, along with a number of Egyptian bloggers, led by Sandmonkey and Dalia Ziada121.
The aim of the conference, was to create a network of activists, linked by internet and blogging, which is what happened in part, where Dalia Ziada Blog became responsible for the office of the American Organization of the Islamic Conference in Cairo.
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