Internet Activism is Extremely Powerful and It Will Be the Face of the International Revolution

There are a lot of people who love to ridicule internet activism, they call it arm chair activism, sofa activism, along with other names. These people have completely missed the point of the last 10 years. The people have taken over the internet, the voice of the people has infiltrated every avenue of the cyber world and it is spilling onto the physical world.
Here are 10 reasons for the effectiveness of Internet Activism:
1)It is extremely cheap, it costs a person nothing to take up activism on the internet.
2)Extremely convenient, people no longer have to choose between their crappy jobs and activism, both can be done, easily.
3)Extremely liquid, ideas and thoughts move at a very rapid pace, which actually destroys the capitalist flow of information.
4)It proves the actual inefficiency of the capitalist system, because all internet activists and bloggers will move to the more honest, coherent, stance of activist socialism. There is no model for activist capitalism, because capitalism is based on pacifying the minds of the people.
5)Internet Activism sucks the life out of the capitalist economy because of its cerebral nature. Internet activism by its nature is extremely mental, it is psychological, the perfect tool to launch a psychological war on capitalism. Also, the fact that activists do not need to drive and consume gas, or go out in the streets and buy things, adds on to the effectiveness of destroying the capitalist economy.
6)Extremely egalitarian, everyone on the internet is one race, one human race, one class. Again, capitalism and its classist model is extremely weak in the face of internet activism.
7)No racism, on the internet racism dies, the anonymity along with the ability to manipulate images and spaces, destroys the racist constructs. Constructs which serve to provide cheap labor and war targets for the capitalist machine. An American blogger with Iraqi blogger friends will have a hard time justifying an invasion and the murder of countless innocents.
Yes, but there is still a rest-of-the-world out there where racism still exists.  The internet isn’t immune to racist people using the internet.  On the one hand if blogger in the US makes friends with a blogger in Iraq they may say “oh golly I’ve been wrong all this time about you guys!  So sorry, stop the war now!” OR they may say “I never realised you were Iraqi, I don’t think we can communicate any more.”
8)The organizational potential is infinite and again free.

9)It does not need the financing of the bankers. Internet Activist organization do not need funds, thus do not need to allow bankers and corporate foundations to taint the message.
10)There are no borders, which in my opinion is the greatest advantage of Internet Activism. There are no countries, no borders, which supports and reinforces the internationalist revolutionary goal.
That said, we should still take the streets, we should embark upon the physical struggle. But those who mock internet activism are completely mistaken and they will soon realize the consequences of this mistake. Sun Tzu once said that wars are won before the battle ever starts, in the human mind. The Internet is symbolic of the collective human mind and the people have risen to control it and revolutionize it.
Michael Schaeffer


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