before 2011 when he was blogging on daily life in Iraq HaMzOz was blogging about the war and occupation of Iraq and its impacts

Arab bloggers meet in post-revolution Tunisia
Last year, none of these bloggers would have believed that social media would lead to the events of the Arab Spring.
Al-Jazeera 10 Oct 2011 
They are bloggers, activists and many of them train others in their community on how to find a voice on the internet, and become citizen journalists in their own right.

the Third Arab Bloggers Meeting brought some of the most active cyberactivists in North Africa and the Middle East together in the Tunisian capital, where they shared ideas and strategies on how to make the biggest possible impact in cyberspace.

Most of them have been blogging for years already, and they were well-placed to communicate with fellow citizens and the rest of the world on the uprisings that have blazed across the region for much of the year.
Hayder Hamzoz - Iraq
Hayder Hamzoz is an Iraqi blogger and trainer who shows journalists and ordinary Iraqi citizens how to use social media tools to share news about what is happening around them, and how to protect themselves online using Tor and open source software.

The focus of his blog, HaMzOz, was originally on the war and occupation of Iraq, and its impacts.

"Before 2011, we were blogging on daily life in Iraq," Hamzoz says.

More recently, he has been concentrating on techniques to enable Iraqisto share news about the protests that began on February 25. Social media is yet to catch on in a big way in Iraq, he explains, so he has been encouraging Iraqis to use services such as"speak to-tweet" to help them find their way.

The activist has been attacked and beaten twice during the weekly Friday protests in Baghdad's Tahrir Square.

On April 22, he had his phone stolen by plainclothes security forces. The army helped the men escape when other protesters tried to get the phone back.


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