Thank from George Papagiannis, who heads the UNESCO office in Baghdad to iraqi bloggers

After i published here about George Papagiannis, who heads the UNESCO office in Baghdad and is the Director of UNESCO's Communication and Information Sector in Iraq. here
i received Email from him, reading it here:

Thank you very much for your kinds words and recognition of my work and the work of UNESCO in Iraq.  I leave Iraq with a heavy heart.  I have met many wonderful and talented people who have inspired me because they want to be a part of creating a brighter future for Iraq.  To all the bloggers and journalists that I have met and to those that I hope to meet one day, I say keep blogging and reporting and informing your communities about what is happening.  Empower your brothers and sisters and neighbors to be full partners in Iraq’s recovery by sharing your stories, your insights and your ideas.  Respect the truth, embrace diversity, be tolerant, listen to the opinions of others, capture the good in people and the best that they have to offer and in the dialogue that you create you will find the solutions to the challenges that lie ahead. 

With heartfelt gratitude,
George C. Papagiannis
George Papagiannis surveying the
 Kirkuk Citadel from a minaret

In 2007, George joined UNESCO, working in the Paris office for two years before taking up his position in Iraq. and now he back to Paris. In this interview, he tells us about how he ended up in Iraq, the type of work UNESCO is doing there, and why it's important.
George Papagiannis explains how, from teacher training and media development to historical preservation and water resource management, UNESCO is helping Iraqis build the future they want for their country, one that he believes is based on peace, democracy and economic development.


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