Significant presence for iraqi bloggers, by the eyes of the West

1- Iraqi blogger in "Edinburgh International Book Festival"
Celia Rees (Author of Witch Child, Pirates and The Stone Testament.) wrote in here blog:

When I'm at a festival, I like to go and see other people if I get chance. I always find it interesting to hear writers talking about their craft. So in the afternoon, I went to see Patrick Ness talking to Moira Young about dystopian fiction. Not my fave genre but a very interesting session. My last engagement for the day was another reading - not from my own work this time but from the work of an Iraqi Blogger who has to be anonymous because he could be arrested or killed for speaking out in his country. This event was organised by Amnesty International and PEN, the writers' organization, which works to promote literature and human rights. There are readings throughout the festival: writers speaking the words and freeing the voices of their brothers and sisters abroad who have been silenced by oppression.

My dear friend Mohammed al Nidawi, the Iraqi blogger and Sunni Muslim advocate of Iraqi democracy and freedom, has called me every week since I left my abusers to offer me his emotional support.  He also has told me that your house is my house and so I could stay with him and his wife in Washington, D.C., anytime.  He also has offered to help me look for a job as well when I am ready of course.  I think of Kareem and Mohammed as symbols of hope for the wider Arab world: as young, free-thinking Arab men who believe in democracy and gender equality and are leading the way to freedom in their countries. Mohammed and his brother Omar run a blog here

3- calicoaster wrote in his blog:
FRIDAY, AUGUST 05, 2011Here let me share with you an instance of the impact a T-shirt slogan can create. I read it in some magazine sometime back:
On a trip back from the Middle East, Iraqi blogger and activist Raed Jarrar was not allowed to board a flight at JFK Airport in New York because he was wearing a T-shirt that said 'We will not be silent' in both English and Arabic. Airport security forced him to change his T-shirt saying that it was like "going into a bank with a T-shirt reading “I am a bank robber".

4- Mesopotamian days of glory: Iraq's Great Victory Day 08/08/1988.

Iraq's Great Victory Day 08/08/1988 Remembering Iraq's former glories- and better times by far than now, our fresh Iraqi blogger Ali Lars:


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