Sleeper Blogger

Not Super Blogger
i hope all the iraqi bloggers sleeping peacefully at their home.
about me i sleep for 12 hours and blogging for 13 hours in one day.
about the other bloggers can sleep even if power electric turn-off, shut-down, stand-by or restart & in higher temperature 44, 45, 46, 47, 48, 49 may be 50C in Baghdad or Basra, as the students of Baghdad university sleep in the open air.
Also all iraqi bloggers can sleep in Pejan or Strant may be in Assos hotels in work shop after the lunch or in beds after the dinner except one blogger he cant sleep ever because he stay think by the war between human and nature......
who is will win in this war
Muhammed Babker the best actor and blogger, he play a great role in his environment group in  "blogger for future" work shop in Erbil.
his great blog is Qandil Press.


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